a yearning heart

October 2, 2007

A yearning heart; written by Samuel on 10/1/07

I am a man with a yearning heart, for a love that seems to never come,

I dream of being together with someone and not being…alone,

I dream of a future with a wife, Not the emptiness of a single life.

I am tired of looking and being let down, I hate feeling like a desperate man,

Hopelessly wondering if my wife I will ever find, If God wills I will find the wife of His design.

I search and I search for you, my wife to find, My heart is yearning, to be with You,

Yet, I don’t even know who I am writing this to, Will you read it and know it to be you,

I hope and I pray, that YOU, God lets me find, You constantly stay on my mind,

I want to see you, I want to know you, I want to hold you, I want to love you,

When will I find, that thing my heart is yearning for, When will I find your heart with mine,

I don’t know, but until then…


 I am just a man with…a yearning heart.


3 Responses to “a yearning heart”

  1. Ashera said

    Thank you, Samuel. Bless you. Praying you find your desire, and it finds you.

  2. Ashera said

    Correction to last email address.

  3. Thanks so much for taking time to read my poem!!! More so for taking the time to comment! I do pray one day the desire comes to fruition! I am Samuel, as you know. I am grateful that you are praying for me. Lord willing I will find her. Ashera, if that is your name, is very unique! Names are very important so when I see a new name that sticks out I end up having to look it up. Anyways, that was random, I hope that your day has been extremely BLESSED!!! Anyway that I can pray for you let me know. I always love meeting new brothers and sisters in Christ! Blessings, Samuel

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