Are miracles for today???

October 2, 2007

Before I post my blog on miracles I want to see how many comments I get on your beliefs in miracles.  Some people like doctors say miracles are minor or are not miracles at all.  What do you think?  Do miracles exist today???  What do you believe???


2 Responses to “Are miracles for today???”

  1. Debbie said

    Human beings need miracles in these modern times. I know they exist. I have had miracles in my own life I would deem to be true. I don’t believe a doctor or scientist can say that miracles don’t happen. I think it would be easier to believe in miracles than to refute them. How do you prove something doesn’t exist and disprove something that does? Miracles require faith in something that can’t be seen. We can’t see the air that we breathe, yet we know it exists and without it we can’t live. We can’t see God, yet without him we can’t live. A miracle happens each time I reach out and touch another human being in love, kindness and concern and receive a smile in return. A miracle is knowing God moved me from one job to another where I could reach more people on his behalf. A miracle is having Christ appear in a dream and refer to you as “daughter”,call you by your Christian name and tell you he has some things he wants you to do for him, but do not be afraid. It’s when you hear yourself speak and know the words are not yours, but his. I do have one correction to make, when I said we can’t see God. That’s not true. We see him through the person of Christ,through the work we do on his behalf, and in the love we share.

  2. Hi Debbie thanx for the comment! I am sorry it has taken me a while to respond. You are right when you say miracles are needed and are for today. So many have a form of Godliness but deny the power and claim God no longer does perfom miracles…They claim that the devil is the one doing it. How can the devil do miracles and God not? That is crazy! I am glad God has done supernatural miracles in your life. Yes Jesus Christ is God and is the expressed image of an invisible God! Well…I hope to hear from you and talk to you again soon. If i don’t talk to you before Christmas have a merry Christmas!!! Grace and Peace be unto you!!! Samuel

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