Survey for the Word In The Streetz Magazine

October 2, 2007


9/21/07 Praise the Lord Jesus Christ!!! I am working on some group video interveiws, and for the first few interviews I have some great ideas. But, they may only be great to me…so I am asking all who will please help me out and take a few moments to check out the survey. You can copy it and paste it into any email or message formats and send it back to me. The first interview for the magazine will be in about three weeks. I am appreciative of all of your responces…and yes…if you are willing and able you may attend the interview and have your say. It will be viewed by 1000’s so, be prepared when the topic is anounced!!! God bless and until next time…remember your anointed to live your life…don’t let someone say you can’t do it! Samuel…The Worshiper

1. What question or topics do you want to know more about?

2. What issues and topics would you most want to talk about and discuss in a group session of others your age?

3. What questions would you ask on the topic you mentioned?

4.Is this a personal struggle, or question that you would be interested in receiving answers to aside from a group session?

5. Would you feel comfortable in discussing this in a group interview, recorded for online access?

6. What Biblical topic or scripture would you like to discuss with others?

7. Do you know others that may be going through this also, or that may want to sit in on the group interview?

8. What is your opinion on the subject or do you have one yet?


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