The heart of a Worshiper revealed

October 2, 2007

Praise Him and welcome to the new blogs, new thoughts the new hopes and the new desires of Samuel…the Worshiper!  I have gone through so much and have a desire to write about it to share with others the things that a worshiper endures and overcomes.  I did not sleep well lastnight, because of my temptations…some things are easy to overcome and others are a hard fight!  But whether we pass or fail the tests we face, if we get back up we shall be overcomers.  I have tried to do things the way I should praying not to go through some desires and some trials. and God has shown me if He answered those prayers; some of my other prayers will be voided out.  So, I, like others get the same answers that God gave the Apostle Paul…My grace is sufficent.  Thank God for His grace because in all our ways, He hasn’t cut us off.  It is like He said in Isaiah…in all this His hand was still out streached.  The heart of a worshiper is not always saying; deep calleth unto deep…sometimes it cries for help, it cries in hurt, it cries in shame, it wonders if it will ever be good enough.  The heart cries to God for deliverance and waits for what seems a lifetime for an answer, yet all it hears is silence.  It hopes it prays, it fasts and seeks to be what God created it to be and yet sometimes fails.  I hope that by sharing my heart, that others will know that they are not alone.  We all struggle and share common temptations, we ALL face the lust of the eyes, the lusts of the flesh and the pride of life.  We all face ourselves!!!  We are our worst enemy and some never win the battle cause they don’t understand that their desires are not wrong, but are used in an manor that is wrong.  The desires of the worshipers are for the most part from God, yet we often never get told how to use them to give God glory.  We just go through them and often fail.  I have failed many times over and over to the same desire…I hear to avoid it…yet don’t know how.  I just pray for deliverance and keep walking on with God.  Through the heart of a worshiper I  hope to inspire others to press on and seek God for answers to their struggles.  All saints struggle with things, their is no struggle greater than another.  We cannot compair ourselves one to another, we will always come up short or built up with pride; thinking we are stronger than another.  All sin is equal and all temptations are likewise equal.  Temptations have one purpose…to prove God’s people.  You could say they are there to destroy God’s people and again God will say different, they are to bring Him glory, for He has said that with every temptation He has made a way of escape.  And for us that is the hardest part…finding the way of escape!  Here in my heart is a purpose I have to fulfill and that is to help others and myself to find the WAY OF ESCAPE!!!  So read on and see if God has lit the path way of escape in your trials and temptations through the heart of a Worshiper!!!


One Response to “The heart of a Worshiper revealed”

  1. Joe said

    Jesus help me, for you see in my heart, that i love her and i will do good by her and you, please lord, i love her so. To all who read this, my heart has been struck, i need your help

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