The Streets of Destiny

October 6, 2007

Streets of Destiny

Written by Samuel on 10/5/07, while walking the streets of D.C.


     Sometimes a Worshiper finds themself walking and exploring places they have never been.  They don’t always understand the reason or the purpose.  They do know that it is a part of God’s plan for them, their destiny.  A worshiper must be willing to step out and even walk in places of destiny before the promises are even fulfilled.  To me I feel it is kinda like spying out the land.  I want to know how to get around in the promised land.  I want to know what road leads me there, or which road will give me more opportunities to fulfill my destiny.  Where can I minister and give Him the most glory!  I felt as I walked around my destiny, that it was time to write and share a little of my life.  I am a worshiper and I have a promise, but I know I cannot just sit around and ever reach my place.  I have to work and put my faith to action, instead of just waiting.  So. my feet I follow as I am lead by the Lord.  Truthfully, I want to know where the Lord is leading me.  So many times, He has blessed me to find something amazing and something awesome to do.  Tonight my purpose is to share this with you.  Sometimes we find ourselves searching and seeking hoping to discover, the very thing that will take us into the happily ever after.  God’s Word is true and He knows the plans, that He has for you….  Trust in Him to bring it to pass and while you wait…explore the streets of your DESTINY!!!Be blessed…Samuel….The Worshiper!!!



The Streets of Destiny10/05/07


Every time I can, I go for a walk,

I walk all over the city, walking the streets of my destiny,

I walk and look, I wait for what I am to find, 

There is a destiny, that I know is mine,

There is a work I am to perform,

So, mile after mile, I walk on,

I walk the city, the city is big,

Just like the destiny I am to live,

I walk past the White House, anticipating my invitation,

I know one day I have to speak, with the leader of this nation,

I walk the streets and see what I see,

Occasionally stopping by my favorite place, for some coffee,

I don’t usually run into, someone I know,

By the people I meet, somehow I’m known,

I walk the streets of the our Nation’s Capitol,

Looking for a chance to share the Lord’s Gospel,

My destiny’s in Christ, the streets of DC is my start,

The nations are next, His name I proclaim,

My destiny is tell others of the Gospel that saves,

There is no other God save He,

My destiny is telling of His love for you and me,

His name is Jesus and His story I tell,

I love to tell how He saved me from hell,

So if you see me walking down the nations streets,

Stop me and say hi, don’t just pass me by,

For it is not by chance, that we would meet,

You would happen to be, a part of my destiny,

It is the Savior’s will that we meet, on the streets of destiny,

So, to all I am to meet and to you that I will speak…



See you on the streets of Destiny!!!


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