An Aching Heart

October 7, 2007

An Aching Heart
Written by Samuel, on 10/6/07.

I have to confess some things are often on my mind. This poetic work lets you in it to see, one of the things that I constantly dream. I do God’s work, yet I admit I am a man. I dream of being a father and having a life, where it’s God, me, my wife and kids. So, as a special treat, I unveil the secret thoughts of a Worshiper!!! Those things most don’t tell…stories of an Aching Heart of a Worshiper.

An Aching Heart

I sit and think about my life,
I know something is missing causing my heart to ache,
I know what it is or rather who,
It is my God sent wife,
I may not yet know who you are,
I just know it is something I await,
The joining together two hearts that have ached,
Two hearts that are to be pieced into one,

I know it will be awesome to finally see,
the rest of my vision, our destiny,

I write this poem as an expression of my heart,
Because I can’t stand to see us apart,
This work may seem to have no direction,
But to me this is the next best thing, to being with God in heaven,

This aching heart causes me to write,
It’s Watching and waiting for the day to come,
That two destinies become one,

See this is my desire, this is the start,
Of me to you, the unveiling of my heart,

I am a man with my purpose in sight,
To take you to be my wife,
Like Jesus, I can say, I am coming like a thief in the night,
To take you away from this life you know,
And bring you into a whole new world,
It may not seem to be much, but it’s what I gladly offer,
A life together, spreading the Lord’s Gospel,

It was Him you see that lead me to see,
You are the only one for me,
I know this is long, but it is my heart,
What I dream about is our family’s start,
By the joining together of the missing part,
The other half…of my aching heart!!!


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