October 10, 2007

Greetings!!! This blog is posted on behalf of The Word In The Streetz Magazine!!! This is a magazine that was started because of a desire to see change. As a Worshiper, I desire to see things change. A worshiper hears from the heart of God and feels what He feels and wants what God wants. God has given the Worshiper a desire to press towards a mark and to help others reach the same place. I really pray that this Magazine is a blessing to you all and that you will be changed or motivated to make a change as you read about others like you! Be blessed…Samuel…..The Worshiper!!!


Oct 08, 07
By Samuel
           Recently, I was downtown Washington DC, it just happened to be the day where two separate groups of protestors decided to gather and march the streets. These two groups had two separate missions; one was to support the war and to protest for more troop support and the other group, was protesting the war, those for the war and President Bush.
           These groups both have logical arguments and both came with them on their shirts, their signs and banners. I saw signs saying, support the troops and send the money. Support the troops, bring them home. No more Vietnams. The predominate theme visible was supporting the troops, both seemed to agree that is a vital element, but their ideas of how to support them is where they differed in thoughts.
           It is clear that they all came out to voice an opinion and each wanted to be heard. Yet, if you were there you would have wondered yourself if anyone heard. The police barricaded the roads for protestors; that seemed to be looking more like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, rather then a protest! There were groups in nice cars, on motorcycles, bands and more. There were many marching with signs, some chants and cheers.
           The tourists had a little more to see then usual and were able to watch one of the great things about America as it happened, freedom of speech. The whole event “SEEMED” well planned and organized. It had an appearance of purpose and drive motivating the people, but the aftermath told a different story!
           The protestors came; they took off of work, changed their schedules, traveled to DC, and many other things, even some colleges were there for the protest; and yet all had ONE thing in common…they left without a change! Nothing changed, them or the thing being protested. These people came out and did not even get a reply! No, “we’ll think about it”, “consider it” or even an official acknowledgement from the Government. They left the way they came and making it worse, the situation stayed the same.
           They wasted their time, voices and money. How can I say this? You should have seen how quick they vanished after the protest was over, the streets covered with protestors signs, that had been thrown down after the protest. The trashcans were full of signs on posts, signs and other protest handouts. Literally, thousands of dollars was all around in trashed or disposed protestor’s propaganda. They wasted the gas driving around the city, wasted tax payers money for security re-enforcement and much more.
           All of these thousands of people gathered together as one voice, could not make a change? Logically this goes against the saying, “It takes just one person to make a change.” How can one person make a change and thousands cannot?
           What I saw that day, proved the importance of, “it’s not always what you say, how you say it, but rather, it is who you know, that helps your voice be heard.” These people came and voiced their thoughts to the government of the United States and could not even get an answer. They knew there was a governing body that they needed to tell what they thought, but they never really talked to anyone. The President was not invited to hear them out, or to hear their concerns. They just assembled at a general location and started shouting their demands and complaints.
           It isn’t like their words were ignorant or anything, they just didn’t have an audience with anyone that could hear them and do something about it. The people had catchy clichés and chants that sounded great! They had words and sayings to quote and even had the escort of the police to do it. Yet the question remains to be asked… What did they do wrong or what else could they have done?
           That answer is simple; they did not know the one person that COULD make the change! If you want to get a bus ticket, you must go to a bus station. Upon arrival to the bus station there are still other places and people you must see and know to get your ticket. If you want to get a ticket, you don’t walk to a bus driver and say I need a ticket to Detroit. He may laugh at you because one, the bus is going to New York and two, you did not go to a ticket counter to purchase it. You must know who to go to, in order to get your bus ticket. What they did is comparable to asking the bus driver for a ticket. They went to assemble, but didn’t know the person they needed to know.
           Which leads me to the point of my writing this article; everything boils down to who and what you know. They had the words, signs and numbers…but there was no power to change. They stated their thoughts and complaints but to the wrong person. These people came out, had all they needed. The ticket buyer had their luggage and the money needed for a ticket; but all of that is wasted, since he went to the wrong person. This person couldn’t get a ticket and might have missed their bus because of this. The protestors had all they needed and offered it to the wrong person.
           What they should have done is assembled together and PRAYED to the Father in Jesus Name and God would have answered! If just one of these protestors would have had just a “little bit” of knowledge they could have made a big change. God said where two or three are gathered together He’s in the midst and just before that He said if two or three agree on anything and pray to the Father in His name, that the Father will HEAR from heaven and do it. Can you imagine this is just three people God is talking about when He said ANYTHING!!! He told us just ASK! Think about this there were thousands downtown that day, can you imagine the thing God would do if that many people would have called on Him to do it? The war could have ended that moment! Yet nothing changed, why? They didn’t know the one person able to make a change!
           The sad thing is that there are millions of Christians that do this same thing daily. We know there is a God and He is over all, yet do we “KNOW” Him? So many saints will pray and seemingly not get an answer so they give up and throw their prayers away. They get discouraged and wonder if things will ever work out. They come and use their well devised clichés and chant them really loud believing they will be heard…Jesus spoke of the Pagans doing this, thinking they will be heard because of their many words. Jesus said that they have a reward, but it is not from God. Jesus goes on to tell us how then we are to pray…Our Father, Who art in heaven, hollowed be Thy name…
           The point of this whole article is to show you that if you want to make a change you must know the right person to make the change. If my refrigerator is empty and I want to change that, I go to the grocery store, select my items and proceed to the person I know that can allow me to make that change…the cashier at the register. If I want to see my life change, I must go to the one that gave it. If I want to see my finances change, I must go to the One that can increase them, though He may tell me to ask for a raise, God still told me what to do and gave me favor with my boss to get it. For change to come you must know the right person. The purpose of The Word in The Streetz Magazine is to see change, bring change and make changes in our lives, the lives of everyone we meet and especially our reader’s lives. How can we do this? The first and most effective way is by bringing Jesus Christ into the lives of the community or individual. Secondly, we help change things by putting the information into the hands of the person that is able to make the change. We are kind of like the minister or pastor that reminds you to pray and acknowledge Jesus in all you do and go through. And even directs you by telling you where to go to get your answers. We are those that desire to make a change…
           Like the protestors that wanted to make a change, we hit the streets, in many forms trying to share the Gospel of Christ and make a change. The main difference between us and the protestors is; WE KNOW who to go to!!! For those that do read this you can make a change; in the Iraq war, your life, in the world and everywhere. YOU CAN MAKE A CHANGE, but to do so you have to pray! Calling on Him is the only way you can get the results you’re looking for. You will be changed, situations will be changed and your time will be well spent.
           As I close I want to leave this thought with you…It doesn’t matter how much you pay; as long as you give something more than what is required, you will get some change! Be blessed!!!
                                                                        Written by Samuel Crawford Jr.
                                                                                   The Worshiper!!!


One Response to “Unchanged!!!”

  1. April Peters said

    Awesome article! One of my favorites.

    I was listening to Joyce Meyer speak today and she was talking about how much access we have to God when we pray. She broke down the power of prayer and it was such a wonderful teaching. How many people do we know who go to church every Sunday and they don’t even know the power that is in prayer? When we are in right standing with Christ we have an “all access” pass that cannot be denied. We have His Word. He tells us to put Him in remembrance of His Word. He wants us to come to Him for everything because He is our ultimate source. When we do it on our own and never reach out to the source, it is all in vain like the protestors in the writing. I used to be one of those protestors who did all in vain. How much more liberated I am now because I can go straight to the source.

    It’s like trying and trying, yet never reaching the goal or getting what you need because you didn’t include God in the process. Who wants to waste time their time? He says for us to acknowledge Him in all of our ways. That is where the change comes in. Our ways and what we want becomes what He wants and then we get results!

    Loved this article and it reminded me that I can make a change in the world through prayer. God bless!

    April Peters

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