Help ME!!!

October 19, 2007

Welcome to The Worshipers Web blog.  I am posting this because I know there are a lot of people that have many questions about life, God, self, and well…many things.  I am opening myself up and believing God will allow me to help you get your answers to your questions.  You may wonder why am I here?  What is my purpose?  Does God really care?  Why is my life the way it is? The questions are endless, but the answers are not far away.  If you have any questions about spirituality, life, ministry, or any other questions you can comment them and I will respond.  If the questions are more personal you may email me at:  I will do what I can to help…If you need prayer, I can pray for you.  I am here to help out any way I can.  I look forward to hearing from you!  Until then…Be blessed….Samuel….The Worshiper

(This is the first edit of this blog, i will edit it at a latter date. I just want to make sure that there is a help out there for anyone that may need it.  So forgive me of the simpleness of this blog.  Thanks much for understanding!) 

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11 Responses to “Help ME!!!”

  1. nathan said

    Glory to god miracle healing revival restoration peace and blessing healing for relationships and prayer in jesus name amen

  2. joe said

    i feel so lost so far from home, im 34yrs old christian, i just lost a 3 yrs relationship, cause i was not doing as i should, i am on the verge of suicide, and it grows worse everyday. she cryed and said she dosent want to leave me but has to, her name is kimmie, im joey. im lost and alone, she wont take calls from me, and if she does, she crys and yells and hangs up. she says she started to date a guy from church, that was about a week after the breakup, its beena month now, and i still miss her so, so, so ,bad, cant work, eat sleep , and getting hard to see how things could be good.

  3. bill laporte said

    JOHN 6:37. Joey my name is Bill. I live in new hampshire. I went through exactly what you are now about 4 years ago. Please do not consider suicide. my daughter has had a double lung transplant because she had pulmonary radiation induced fibrosis which is a terminal disease. well her lungs are rejecting and they do not think she will be around much longer. But I have faith that she will make it because god promises with faith that if we ask we will receive. You have to trust in jesus and HIS time because he knows which is good for us. You are very important. You are certainly not alone. Everything will work out. Please trust in Jesus. You will be O.K. I was desperate to get back together with my EX for the longest time. Well the lord gave me my Ex back but we broke up again because I decided too. We were not getting along as much as I thought I fantasied about. She was seeing someone else. But today we are friends and at one time we were enemys but thanks to jesus we are friends and thankfully because she is Haylee’s (my daughter) mother.

  4. L. said

    Urgent prayer needed for my son who is on drugs.And His life needs to be changed by the power of God,He works with metal also and he injured his eye badly from metal hitting it.Please pray that he will be healed spiritualy and in his body and eye.That God will deliver him and set him free from the bondage that has a hold of his life!I will agree with you in prayer for my son.And i ask this in Jesus Name!

  5. Praise Jesus!!! I prayed for Your son!!! I took time to pray as I saw your message, just couldnt respond imediately! I believe he will be delivered and that God will use him to help others be set free too! He will have a testimony that will help others! I am praying also for your strength that God strengthens you as you keep serving Him!!! I praise God that He has others like me to agree and pray with you! I pray that you are blessed and your day is blessed! Samuel

  6. S said

    Please pray for me.

    I have been without work for 9 months. I have been patient and I have done a good job of keeping my spirits up. In fact many people that know of my situation have wondered how I have done it. But I am getting tired of picking myself up and I really need to get my life/career back on the move. In addition to looking for work I have been rehabilitating a badly injured knee that I hurt last May. In many ways I feel that my life has turned a corner and I am have been given a chance to learn a lot about myself and to strengthen my faith in God, but sometimes it gets so difficult. I am single and though I have had some support from family and a friend I have for the most part been alone throughout this entire time. I do what I can to keep myself busy and I am always looking for someone new to network with. However, now I am running out of leads to follow up on and I am fearful that I will have to either change my profession or move to another city. I am open to trying either, but I am fearful of both. I realize that both could lead me to where I should be, but I am so afraid that I will fail. I know God has taken care of me in so many ways over the last year. Everytime I needed money or things got tight, something would come up to cover me. I know God is looking out for me and I know he has a plan, however I wish that this valley in my life would soon end. Please pray for a door to open for me. I am ready for wherever it leads me. I can’t stay here anymore!

  7. John said

    I am 22 yrs old and m christian.. Recently i just lost my first love…i knew her since 5 years..and i was determined that she would be mine forever .. however for no reason she left me without saying goodbye..Recently i came to know that she is on her way to marry someone..
    One of my friend who is also a chritian says to me that if i have a true faith in jesus and pray to him ..then i’ll get her no sooner than i think…
    i have a faith in lord and pray to him regarding this matter…but its the memories and pain thats killing me from inside.. i feel like a man with dead soul these days ..cause m facing new deaths each and every second of my life…
    i make this open request to all the fellow christians if they can pray for me to win her back cause i know the powers of prayers and all those miracles that it can bring ..
    if jesus doesn’t have mercy on me ..there will be no option but to kill my self…

  8. Hey John, This is going to be posted here and in an email to you. NUMBER ONE KILLING YOURSELF IS NEVER AN OPTION!!! I do understand being heart broken myself too much in fact. Before I was Filled with the Holy Ghost and even in the church I was married twice. My first wife cheated on me 5 times that I knew of before finally getting a divorce. The second time I got married was two months before I came to the church. I got baptized in Jesus Name and told me wife, whom then abandoned me. I never saw her again, but did manage to get the divorce. So, I am understanding on how you feel, but sometimes God has to remove things for you to be able to focus on Him. I am so glad that I have not had any hinderences from seeking Him for 6 years now. It does hurt much I know, even to love someone that does not love you anymore is a hard thing. I have loved since I been saved and thought I knew who my wife was only to have her turn on me, it doesnt make sense, but God allows it to make us stronger.
    I want you to know this do not pray something that will destroy your faith in God. You first should ask God in faith to show you His will for you. She may or may not be for you so before you pray for her, first pray that He shows you the answer. Pray is there to show you God’s will for you, and He will do it. Remember Jesus’ prayer in the garden, If it is possible, never the less NOT MY WILL but THY WILL BE DONE! We have a will and God has one. He knows what is best for us!
    I do know about pains and hurts too. We all experience many of them, but it is those hurts that allow us to have compassion to help someone else out of real love! We go through things not for ourselves but for others. God has purposes for every situation we endure. The Lord say if we want to reign with Him we must ALSO SUFFER with Him! I have soo many writings that have come from hurts, in fact one is from a very similar situation you are facing. I will be posting it after I finish this letter, it is called…Through These Tears. The things we face do not ever seem fair but we must go through them. I believe my strength comes from God as HE brings me through these hurts, as He heals the pain and removes the broken hearts! It is through these times we get to understand what we all have done to God. How we cause His heart to hurt, we we reject Him or His ways for us. I hate how I have ever made God feel, even though I am forgiven I still remember what I did and what He did. When I didnt think of Him, He still died for me. He got out of the grave, and took me with Him. So, much I thank Him for. Who are we and what have we done to deserve God’s great love? So, I thank God for the pains He removes and the hurts He heals in me. He will heal you when You cry out to Him and ask Him to remove the pains!!! He does it for me everytime, even though it comes on His time!
    There is an enemy that tries to kill us day by day. The death of a saint is the only victory the devil can really get. He doesnt attack those that are his, but those that are God’s. He wants you to give up on God and move on to drugs, death and what ever else he can trick you into believing will remove the pain.
    I will and have prayed that God’s will is done in your life! John, you are more than welcome to keep messaging me through my personal email addy… You will be victorious as you trust in God Whom is able to deliver you! I pray that He shows you if she is for you or not. I pray that God opens His Word up to you everytime you open it and read it. Any questions you do have ask them. You have a great life ahead of you! God is going to use you in many ways, just trust and believe Him!!! I hope this has helped you!!! Many people go through what you do and your boldness to ask for prayer will help many others to believe God too!!! Much blessings will be recieved because of this! Anyways, have a great day and be blessed!!!!

  9. sean said

    I’m probably not going to find this webpage again, but it seems like a good place to get out my troubles.

    I’m 24 years old, and i’ve been going to church for a little over a year and a half now, save the last month where a temporary change at work has scheduled me during my regular service hours.

    Anyway, as I said, i’ve been going to church for a year and a half, but i’m not sure this makes me a Christian. I’ve always thought there to be a god or higher power, simply on the notion that I would be quite irate if there were not one. Through various factors and a challenge from my Girlfriend, I decided to start attending church and for better or worse, decided to follow the Christian religion.

    Having made a conscious decision to be a follow of christ and regard him as the living god, one might think me to be a christian – but sometimes I wonder. I do not feel any different or particularly redeemed. I am God fearing I suppose, i have corrected bad language and behavior to the best of my ability, and i continue to strive to be a morally correct person. Other churchgoers seem to actively feel the presence of the holy spirit, or hear responses to the prayers. I do not. This concerns me greatly.

    Our pastor once said to be careful of what you think is the holy spirit. He said there are seminars pastors can go to that will teach them to light and sound the church in such a way that it makes it more likely for churchgoers to feel a rush – but warned us to beware because that same feeling can be found at a rock concert. What does the holy spirit feel like? Why don’t I know? Why won’t god speak to me the way he seems to speak to others? Is it because I want Validation that I must go without, that i must learn to be faithful without closure?

    I wonder these sorts of things when I am depressed, and I feel like something is missing from my life that I can’t place. When I logically recognize that I have no reaonable reason to feel abd about anything. When I struggle with a porn habit and lose a battle or when I catch my self cursing or taking the lords name in vain. — but particularly when i’m depressed and lonely.

    I envy the Christians i meet with strong convictions and wonder why I can’t be like them, and I ask God. He doesent respond, and I spend the rest of the week trying to fight doubt, because I don’t want doubt. I want to beleive. I want that conviction and peace. WHy can’t I find it?

  10. Grace and Peace be unto you Sean!!! I am glad to hear that you have made a decision to believe in Jesus Christ and to follow Him and serve Him as the only God that there ever was and ever will be!!! I am amazed as I hear the different things that draw God’s people to the church, for you it was a challenge for me it was trying to get this “Christian Guy” to smoke a cigarette! God knows He has a way of getting us to come to Him! I am going to address everything (I hope) that you wrote, not sure which order it will happen but as the Lord leads I will write!

    First things first, I have a question for you…Have you been baptized in Jesus name since you have believed in and upon Jesus Christ? There is a lot of churches out there and I do not know which one you are attending to know what process of “salvation” they use. There are many churches that do not have the full truth when it comes to salvation. We can only be saved through Jesus’ death on the cross and by His getting up from the grave. When He got up He had a new life, old things had passed away. That is why we are baptized in Jesus Christ’s name, it was He that died for us. (Romans 6) When we are baptized in Jesus name we are actually buried under the water (FULL SUBMERSION OF THE ENTIRE BODY) and when we come out of the water it is symbolic of our entering into the new life with and through Jesus Christ! It is ONLY here where the Blood of Jesus Christ is applied to our sins. Until the baptism is complete we are still sinners and need Him to wash our sins away. SOOOOO, this is why my first response to you is about your baptism. Some are under the belief that a sprinkling on the head as an adult or a child is baptism; this is not true and is proven by reading church history. Baptism was changed to become “more convenient”! You can’t change what God ordains. Others also baptize in the NAME of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, well there are few simple problems with that and also God has to give the revelation to you that He IS the Father and He IS the Son and He IS the Holy Ghost. God is many things, just shows Himself in many manifestations. The name of The Father and the Son and The Holy Ghost is Jesus Christ. So again that is why we are to be baptized in HIS name because we want HIS blood to be applied to our sins so they are removed!

    Second my friend; we are filled with the Holy Ghost. Remember how you said you felt something was missing, bingo, there is!!! We have emptiness inside of us that ONLY CHRIST can fill and until He fills it there is a void. We know something is missing and we don’t know what! This is why people end up so addicted and messed up in life, because they try to fill that void with everything but GOD; money, sex, drugs, cars, work and etc!

    How do you get filled? That’s a great question that so many ask. We do nothing, BUT believe and receive it from God. The Holy Ghost is Jesus’ Spirit and He desires to put His spirit into us, our hearts, minds and soul! We did nothing to earn salvation and nothing we can do will earn the Holy Ghost. So for you to receive the Holy Ghost believe God will fill you and He will. You can go through the book of acts and see many accounts of what people were doing when they received the Holy Ghost, but the major thing you will see is that they believed and received the Word from God. (Acts 2 is great for helping see the FIRST day the Holy Ghost was poured out upon the church!) The next question you may have is how will I know I have received the Holy Ghost? That comes in multiple answers. The number one way you will know is when you hear, see and feel yourself speaking in other tongues, a language that you have never heard. This is what has been called the “Initial” evidence of receiving the Holy Ghost. This tongue that you speak in is different from the gift of tongues, which not all will have. For this gift is unique to only those who will either interpret it or have someone else interpret it and in the words God sends a message! There is also another tongue which most people use and that is their prayer language as some call it. But it is really The Holy Ghost praying for you or things that you didn’t even know to pray for, it is the Spirit making intercession! I didn’t think you have to speak in tongues to have the Holy Ghost before I was saved, but the day I was filled with the Holy Ghost and spoke in tongues…I have become an avid believer in the truth of the “initial Evidence”! Yet that is not the only evidence, you will notice the things you used to desire to do you don’t want to do them. You will desire to be holy as God is Holy. You will find yourself filled with a power to stop doing the things you couldn’t stop doing. (More on that later) Your whole entire life will changed the day you are filled with the Holy Ghost. You will at this moment be “Born Again” Of the water (Baptism in Jesus Name) and of the Spirit (Baptism in the Holy Spirit)!!! This will lead you into the next thing I am going to talk about…what we were missing POWER!

    As a Christian we NEED THE HOLY GHOST!!! The Holy Ghost is the power we need to live right, to live like God wants us to live, to be the man or woman that God has destined us to be and sooo many other things too! Christianity is misunderstood and is really considered to be religion for the morally right individuals of the world…LOL…that is furthest from the truth. WE ALL are taken out of the world and God has to take the world out of us. To be very real we are not completely perfect the day we receive the Holy Ghost!!!! (I cannot emphasize this enough!) Too many feel that because they still have habits that they are not saved after being baptized in Jesus name and having the Holy Ghost! What happens is we begin a process in which God removes the things not of Him and plants in us the things that are of Him. WE MUST READ THE BIBLE AND PRAY THAT GOD GIVES US UNDERSTANDING OF HIS WORD!!! This is one of the MAIN ways God does speak to us and many of our questions get answered as we read it. The Holy Ghost in us gives us the power to change in ways we could not do without Jesus doing it for us! This process takes time, I thought when I got filled that I was going to be doing all of the things I read about in the book of acts…Well, I have done many of them…ONLY AFTER A PROCESS of time!!! I like you have always believed in God, yet just didn’t have the right relationship with Him. The connection in our Spirit and His IS THE HOLY SPIRIT!

    And so we enter this process of having our minds transformed and everything becoming new, that’s why the Word says old things pass away and behold (see) all things become new! We are a new creature and we are no longer living to please ourselves but now we live to please God! I pray that you understand that no matter how long and how zealous any Christian is that there are battles and struggles that they face. Some of us never reveal to others things we go through and things we struggle with. Yet we are saved and living to please God. Sometimes I do miss the mark of God for my life and SIN, but the thing that separates me from the unsaved is that I get back up again. I ask God to forgive me and help me to overcome this battle and deliver me. HE DOES!!! We are not perfect, perfect in the Greek meant complete! We are not complete until Christ takes us to be with Him and we fulfill our work with Him. We are perfecting, being completed and so we are a work in progress!!! I myself will admit, I to desire a wife. I used to desire sex which made me want to get married, but now I want a wife. The sex is a natural thing most will struggle with EVEN IF THEY WONT ADMITT IT!!! I know that God made it so I would want to be with someone for the right reasons, because that is NOT how I used to be. Porn problems most often come as a result of wanting to fulfill your sexual desires. So that is the same with most fetishes and addictions, you go to extremes because you’re trying to get pleasure. Some things are not pleasing but are sought after; these are often times demonic strongholds which can be broken by speaking and praying in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ! (This response is already long enough so if you or anyone else reading this wants to know more about this email me or leave a comment.)

    So, do not be ashamed that you have a fight going on in what you want to do and what you sometimes do, because if there is even a fight then you are on the right path! Before we would do these same things and there would be NO COMFLICT!!! We did it no regrets, to thoughts given and did it with all of our heart. No we find a struggle, why, because we no longer want to do it and are fighting against doing it! That is evidence of a new walk with Christ! You may not be perfect yet, but you are fighting to do the right thing and be as perfect as you can! This is not an excuse to sin either saying I at least fought a little, we lose after a fight, and no one fights and hopes to lose. If we willingly sin than we need to pray that God does forgives us and changes our heart toward the thing. Only HE can truly change us! So, IF you NOW are fighting to live right….KEEP FIGHTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are on the right path and will find God and deliverance on it!

    And finally hearing and speaking to God! This is an awesome thing!!! God does speak and we can hear Him! It is not “Special” Christians that get to hear His voice, but rather it is the open and desirous Saint that will hear Him! You are a perfect candidate because you desire it so badly! Remember the was a break in your connection to God…Sin and the connection was brought back together through the washing away of our sins and the filling of the Holy Ghost. NOW, after being filled with God will you be able to hear and understand God. Also, I need to point out before I forget; there will be seasons in your life with Christ that it will appear that God is NOT speaking to you. Yet it doesn’t mean you have messed up and are a doubter, it is God testing you, allowing you to trust in Him and it is a blessing in some ways. If God told us the answers to some of our prayers and questions right away, we would try to help God out and mess up what He did and has planned for us. So, sometimes we do not hear the answers we desire to hear at the time we desire to hear them! There are many ways of hearing God, and SOMETIMES we do not think it was God speaking and it really was. Example, in your mind you will hear one of three different people or characters speaking in your head. The most commonly hear voice is your own! You know what you do, how you do it and even how you think. So, you know this voice to be you! The second most heard voice is that of God! This comes in the same voice as your own, MOST TIMES IT SOUNDS LIKE YOUR OWN VOICE NOT ALWAYS, and it will speak thing that is not like you but is guiding you into things and places that God wants you to be. Sometimes we think after an event happens and say something told me this would happen…yup God. God will speak to you in the voice that you hear your self in and if you never were told this you could think you never hear from God. God may speak in many ways so expect Him to speak but always check what is said with the Bible and the other promises God has given you. If it goes against the Bible it is not GOD!!! And thirdly you will hear satan or most times his demons. These voices vary and can even be planted in you by people around you trying to make you doubt God. There are many people that will not believe in what God shows you, and their voice can be that voice satan uses to try tricking you!

    If you go back to this website and go through the different blogs you will find three blogs at least that may be of some interest to you, a guide to journaling, sounds of silence and Three steps to be used by God. These three works will greatly help you in developing and growing more in your faith and walk with Christ! Well, to bring closure to your life and understanding too, pray about these things that I have been guided in writing to you! This letter/response is very long and yet it is for a good reason that it is…to help you! God has a great purpose for your life and that is why you have been so dedicated and yet you have still not seen or even experienced the things that God has prepared for you. Jesus told His disciples; blessed is he that believes on Him and has never seen Him. You will have a great amount of faith as you desire to hear Him and have that walk you believe others have with Him…GOD WILL AND WANTS TO DO THE SAME FOR YOU!!!! You have faith in Him though you do not fully understand Him, and you are not alone there none of us EVER will fully understand God! But I do know this, HE LOVES YOU A LOT AND WANTS TO USE YOU TO DO THE GREAT MIRACLES AND WORKS THAT HE HAS PLANNED TO DO THROUGH YOU!!!

    Well, my friend, this response is super long and I will let you have an opportunity to read and respond if you would like! I just want you to know I am here for you and if you still have more questions feel free to ask them!!! If you have questions…God has answers!!! I pray that you are greatly blessed and that every word in this will be and was fully opened to you through the revelation of The Holy Ghost!!! I pray God gives you wisdom, knowledge and understanding in what you are, who you are and why you are the way you are. Anyway, be blessed….Samuel

    By the way, you can go back to my page by visiting the link! Remember at the bottom of the last blog you will see were it says previous entries; it will be just above the categories block!

  11. I am sorry it took a minute to respond, my computers been broken for ova two months. I have prayed for you and I do hope your grandma goes to heaven too. But for now I know she is in God’s hands. I also have prayed for your strength and your families strength!!! Be blessed!!!! Samuel

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