Appointed Deliverance

March 21, 2008

A set time of deliverance – Appointed deliverance

21 March 2008


Sometimes God will set a time just to deliver you.  You will be in a predicament that was not for you and God says at 8:47P.M. I will deliver them.  God has no other thing planned to happen in your life at that moment, but deliverance.  No great sounds, bright flashes or any extra splendors, just the silent operation of the Holy Ghost bringing deliverance to you.  There is nothing you can do; it is just God working in your life. 


For me it happened at 8:47P.M.  I saw this license plate that seemed to be speaking to me, it said…ATE 470.  I saw it as a time, 8:47 and since 8:47 am was past I thought it to be 8:47 pm.  So, I set an event reminder in my calendar to go off 15 minutes before the time.  I waited with anticipation of God doing, sending or blessing me in some way.  In the time leading up to this moment I started facing a situation.  This situation is one I had been going through what I felt was too much, I thought won’t this thing ever end?  This situation that I was facing, was really weighing me down.  The battle that I faced takes place in my mind, as some of you know those are the worst battles to face; I thought it would get the best of me.  I had the reminder pop up and hit the button to stop the noise in my pocket.  My mind really wasn’t thinking about the time, but about this situation!  But as quick as the battle started and as hard as the battle was raging, it suddenly stopped!  I felt a sense of relief, like something had just released.  That’s when I decided to look at the time and as I looked at my phone I saw the time change to 847pm and realized God had just delivered me!!! 


That was my appointment with deliverance, an appointed deliverance. 


God had an appointed deliverance for you on today!!!  God will do for you, the same thing He has done many times in my life, deliver you!  He has said in His word the race is not given to the swift, nor the battle to the strong.  Jesus also said in another place, he that endures to the end, the same shall be saved!  The Greek word for saved means delivered.  If you hold out, if you trust in God He shall deliver you!


You have an appointment with deliverance and it is about that time!!! 

Set an event reminder, set your alarm clocks, write it on your calendars and believe that there is a deliverance coming to you!




2 Responses to “Appointed Deliverance”

  1. luxe12 said

    That was a very encouraging post. Have a blessed Easter!

  2. Thanks God bless you and you have an awesome Easter TOO!!!

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