Three steps to prepare you to be used by God

April 22, 2008

“Three steps to prepare you to be used by God.”

April 19, 2008

Written by: Samuel Crawford Jr



Have you ever asked the question; “How do I prepare myself to be used by God?”  I HAVE, many, many times in fact!  Even though, in my life I had been used by God, I had not discovered the key to be used anywhere and anytime.  I knew God would use whom He will, but I wanted God to use me! 


After years of study and reading the Bible I never saw a specific answer that would work for EVERYONE!  I learned from many characters in the Bible and have used their individual methods to help me.  I discovered some meditated day and night, some prayed three times a day, some went on forty day fasts, and so many other things that worked for them.  They worked for them but not always for ME!!!


One day while reading God showed me the answer to my question that would work for EVERYONE!!!  The answer I discover was not just for the question I asked, but it is a principle that can be used in many places.  The scripture says it will give you compassion with those that lead you away captive, in other words it gives you favor with man.  It will move God to extending His mercy and grace.  It will deliver you and even cause God to turn His fierce wrath away.  Only God knows the limits of this principle; but after examining it you may agree with me that there are no limits on where it can be applied.


Where is this three step principle found?  2 Chronicles 30:8.  It can be summed up in three words; Yield, Enter and Serve.  It is these three words that will help you to be ready to be used by God at anytime, anyplace!  After examining the three steps, it is my prayer that you are able to thoroughly employ them into your walk with God and be successful in all that you do for the Lord!



  1. Yield yourself to God – The word yield according to Webster’s dictionary means 1. to give up possession of on claim or demand: as a: to give up (as one’s breath) and so die b: to surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another: hand over possession of c: to surrender or submit (oneself) to another d: to give (oneself) up to an inclination, temptation, or habit e: to relinquish one’s possession of (as a position of advantage or point of superiority)   2. To be fruitful or become productive. 
    1. Yielding is letting God have His way in your life.  You have surrendered yourself to God.  You make the confession; not MY will, but THY will be done. 
    2. It is becoming profitable to God.  God doesn’t profit from us when we are not available for His use.
    3. Consecration and sanctification are two words the bible uses in place of yielding.  You set yourself aside for the sole purpose of God’s use.
    4. You become available to God.  Your availability to Him depends on how much you give to Him.  Give Him little you will be used only a little.  Give Him much and He will use you much!


  1. Enter into His sanctuary – There must be an entrance into a covenant, relationship with God.  To enter His Sanctuary does not mean going to a local assembling place we have come to call a church.  Entering the sanctuary is really entering your private place, the place where you meet God!  Your sanctuary is your heart, your mind; it is the place God dwells!  Each person is different when it comes to how they seek God and commune with Him. 

I most often will write my prayers, write the things God speaks to me; this process is called journaling.  For me it is a place I can enter anywhere I go, it is private and I always can go back to see what I prayed, what God spoke, and even write beside the prayers when He did it and how!  For me it is an effective way of communicating with God.  Daniel went to his open window three times a day.  He prayed before an open window and I have my prayers written in notebooks, yet both methods of communication are accepted by God, because we are in “Our sanctuary”!  So when you enter your sanctuary there will be certain things that you should expect:

    1. Prayer/Communication – You must pray.  Communication with God is very important because you must know what it is He wants to say to you, if you expect Him to use you to do.  As you listen to God and also as you speak to God you discover who you are and who He is to you.  His purpose for you will be revealed in these “Talks” with God.  You can expect Him to show you what to do, say, pray, where to go, what to read and etc. 
    2. Reading the Bible – God will speak, teach and confirm His will through the written Word of God.  This is another form of communication with God, but it is also a way of getting to know God and what He is able to do, what He has done and what He has declared He will do.  It is important to take time and just read God’s word, often times you will use it to minister to someone, yourself, or to speak a message to the Body of Christ.  Before Jesus can bring the Word to your remembrance you must plant the Word into your mind.
    3. Thanksgiving – Always we are to be thankful to God for everything.  Thank God for everything you learn, you see and what He does through or is going to do through you.  Thank Him for it in advance.
    4. Praise – Praising God is often the results of an inward emotion of joy or rejoicing.  Praise is most often a spontaneous action that is physical, mental, and more verbal than anything else.  You hear more about the vocalization of praise in the Bible than dances, instruments or any other method of praise.  It was a vocal praise that brought down the walls of Jericho. It was a vocal praise that glorifies God, the reason…the Greek word for praise actually is a story, and praise is a story.  Everything can praise God, it tells a story of something wonderful that God has done.  It gives Him glory for what He has done.  Israel constantly gave God praise for bringing them out of Egypt, through the Jordan and many other things God did. 
    5. Worship – Worship requires a personal experience with God!  You have to have been baptized (filled) with the Holy Ghost to be able to worship!  Jesus said they that Worship God MUST worship Him in Spirit and in truth.  We cannot worship God without having received something from Him that would cause us to ascribe, or give, Him value.  For something to become important to you there has to have been an event that changed the way you think about the thing.  That is how it is with God.  The greatest thing to me that causes me to worship Him is how great His love is.  The day I realized how much He loved me is the day He filled me with the Holy Ghost and gave me a reason to worship Him!  I had an experience that caused me to value God above everything else in my life.  One notable thing about worship is that it is not like praise in that praise is often the results of inward joy.  But rather worship is not based on how you feel, or how much God has done for you; worshiping God happens just because of WHO HE IS! 
    6. Praying in the Spirit – This is different from your communication time you have with God, this is where you allow the Spirit to pray or speak through you.  You may pray in tongues, you may pray intercessory prayers, you may prophecy into the air, and you may speak many things that you never would have thought to pray.  We do not always know what to pray for and sometimes we can’t pray, but the Spirit of God in us makes intercession and prays the things we couldn’t.  Sometime we don’t even understand what we prayed, but we do know that God has strengthened us through the prayer.  It is this type of prayer Jude tells us that will build up our most holy faith in God!


  1. Serve the Lord your God – Serving God is an act of voluntary service or work to the Lord.  You serve God when you minister to Him in worship, showing Him homage, when you witness to others about Him, when you help others, and well the list can go on.  Your greatest service to the Lord is spreading the Gospel of the Love of Christ Jesus!  You may serve God in your local assembly, you may serve God in private locations, you may serve God in foreign countries, and you may serve Him anywhere.  Your service to God is also done by living and displaying certain things in your life.
    1. Holiness – you serve God by living a life of holiness.  Holiness is the power of God working in you allowing you to walk no longer in sin.  You have a supernatural power giving a corrupted flesh the power to be perfect as God is perfect.  Holiness causes a separation to manifest.  A Saint serving in holiness will become unique and distinguishable from those that don’t serve God.  There is a visible change in morals, purity, faith, actions, and life style that become noticeable by everyone.
    2. Ministry – You can serve God by working in the ministry.  All saints are called to be ministers, ministers of reconciliation!  We all have been commissioned to take the Gospel into the entire world and present them the Word that will bring them back to God.  You also serve God by joining different ministries within your local assembly.  You may serve as an usher, deacon, minister, pastor or any other ministry they have; that you are called to! 
    3. Witnessing – This is one of the greatest ways to serve God, because it is personal!  You don’t have to teach, preach or hand out tracks, none of those things.  Witnessing is often times telling someone about the things God has done in your life.  A witness is someone who has seen or heard something and can give an account of the act that took place.  This person is able to give their testimony on what they witnessed and persuade the people that heard it.  When you witness you are really giving a testimony to someone else about your witness to Jesus.  What He has done, what He has said, Who He is, what you know about Him; you are essentially sharing your personal thoughts of Jesus Christ!
    4. Loving – Loving is the GREATEST way of serving God!  The entire Gospel is about Love, some even go as far as calling the Bible God’s “Love letter” to us.  God loved us so much that He sent His own Son, to save all mankind from their sins.  Jesus tells us by this shall all men know that you are His disciples, that you love one another.  The love that we have is able to change every person we encounter.  There is something about Love that is transforming.  Love has the ability to comfort a person in every situation imaginable!  When you see someone that is hurting and you give them a hug, or words of comfort out of love; it transforms their hurt into comfort.  They feel they can make it if they just hold on.  Another thing about Love is that it has the ability to join multiple things together.  Two hearts are joined together in love, our hearts are joined together with God’s, and our heart is joined to those we chose to love.  That is why to serve God with our love will keep us joined together with Him and transform any situation we go through.  And we know that all things work together for the good of them that LOVE God.



Yield, Enter and Serve!!!  These three steps can bring you into favor with God and man in almost every aspect of your life.  Whether it is for ministry, your walk with God, you being a better Saint, understanding your calling, your purpose or what ever it may be you are seeking from God.  As you continue walking with God, remember those three words and you can be sure, that you have prepared yourself to be used by God!  Yield, Enter and Serve!!!


7 Responses to “Three steps to prepare you to be used by God”

  1. Pastor Don Smith said

    Thank you for your help. I get irritayed by Spirit filled Christians coming into the sanctuary carrying all their bagage. It is difficult to try to have the people come to the altar before service to pray and to get their minds on God. I shall continue to pursue the task. P.T.L.

  2. Victor said

    I think this is what alot of us need in tmes like this;but how many people are prepared to take out time to practice this?
    Whoever we are and whatever we do,we should always know that the grace of God is surfficient for us in all situation.
    God bless y’all.

  3. Minalas kusi said

    Its such a wonderful thing to be used by God, when God used the virgin Mary as channel through which He could fleshly come down for our redemption, This entersprise turned the lady s’ Reputation and caliber through into eternity. Oh, such a wonderful priviledge. . . what ever we does outside of God dies with the world when the time is due. But that which is onto Him, it lingers through eternity.

  4. kerry said

    This is very useful and I will definitely apply it to my daily living, yield, enter and serve.

  5. Michael maxwell said

    Am so greatful i hv found this page helping to my ministry life.

  6. thuvhulawi said

    this page its too powerfull

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