Follow ME and I WILL MAKE YOU!!!!

May 6, 2008

Follow Me and I will Make YOU!!!

Written By: Samuel Crawford

Matthew 4:19

5 May 2008


Sometimes in our life we feel for God to use us we have to be something great already!  But in Matthew 4:19 God shows us that we need not be great at all when He calls you!  The thing I love about God is how sure He is about YOU!!!  He is so confident in what HE can do that He says come as you are, just follow me and I will do the rest! 


God didn’t call the greatest on earth to be the greatest in His Kingdom!  He called the least of all, to make them the greatest of all!  The first shall be last and the last shall be first.  He that wants to be the greatest in the kingdom must be the servant of all! 


God lets us know He is not concerned with what you have to offer.  He is more concerned with what He is going to make you!  Jesus says in; Matthew 4:19 and he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men. (Italics and bold print mine)   Jesus let them know to just follow Me and I will give you that which you will need to catch men.  Jesus didn’t give them a hook, nets, or poles to catch men naturally, but He gave it to them spiritually! 


They were fishermen, they knew what it meant to fish and the things needed to fish.  They didn’t question Him, they didn’t ask what do we need, they did even try to bring what they had!  They immediately left their nets and followed Him.  They left the tools they knew were essential to fishing, they left the familiar things, they just immediately followed. 


The fact that the Bible points out that they did this immediately lets us know these were men with dreams!  They may have not dreamed of fishing as their way of living, these men may have desired to be servants in the house of God, but because they were fisherman they had a certain odor about them that caused them to be rejected.  Though they were Jews, though they were God’s chosen, they were not treated as others.  Most fishers in their time were unlearned, meaning they didn’t get to go to school; they couldn’t read and didn’t have knowledge outside of what they did.


For these men to be chosen over all the others was an insult to the Pharisees and Sadducees.  They took great pride in their education, their knowledge of tradition and every other thing they could obtain to add to what they considered their worth.  Yet, Jesus rejected them and chose some men that were working hard, trying to be something in life! 


These fishermen were entrepreneurs, they had a dream, and the Word verifies this when it says they were business partners.  These uneducated men were trying to fulfill dreams in their lives to be more than what they were.  So, immediately when presented with an opportunity to be something presented itself, they didn’t think twice.  They left it all to be what ever Christ would make them to be, they just knew they were going to be fishers of men, no longer of smelly fish.


The scriptures help us to understand what these fishermen faced every time they went out to catch fish. Every description of a boat, ship or vessel upon the waters is the type of situations these fishermen faced daily.  Some days the water would be calm, other days the storms would threaten their lives.  The waves would toss a ship where ever it wanted; the men on the boats were at the mercy of the winds and the waves.  Yet, they were not afraid to go out into the unknown to labor and attempt to fulfill their dreams. 


Peter left everything to follow Jesus; he left the storms of his life, his old fears, and his old struggles behind him. Yet, there comes a time when the things you leave behind want to try coming back into your life to keep you from fulfilling your calling.  Peter found himself back in the same situation he had encountered in his past, even some of the same people were with him. 


Jesus compelled His Disciples to get into a boat and cross over the sea, then wait for Him when they arrived.  As they were crossing over they encounter adversity, the storm was fighting against them.  The boat was being TOSSED by the wind and waves.  The Greek word for tossed means tormented or in pain, these men were being tormented by this storm.  They were really going through and the fear of this storm was one unto death.  Some of the Disciples were experienced fishermen that knew the fears they face in these storms. 


If you study what causes boats to sink you will discover it is most often because the storm catches the ship unaware.  They were not prepared for the storm so they perished in the storm.  Those that are experienced fishermen will tell you there is never a guarantee you will make it out of the storm alive, but if you are safe in the ship and everything is prepared, you have better chances to come out of the storm alive…Even though the ship may be damaged or almost destroyed! 


When the Disciples saw Jesus walking on the water in the middle of their storm; their fears were increased even more, believing He was a Ghost!  This became the climax of Peter’s storm and when he heard Jesus say it is I, be not afraid; Peter speaks up and shows what kind of man Jesus made him to be. 


Peter said; “If it is You, bid me to come unto you on the water.”  Jesus said; “Come!”  At Jesus’ word Peter stepped down onto the water and began to walk on the water to Jesus.  It doesn’t say how far Peter walked until he recognized where he is and what was around him; he was still in the storm!  The fears started to overwhelm him again and he called out to Jesus to save him!  Jesus reached out immediately and caught him.  Jesus was right there in arms reach the whole time! 


What happens next is often over looked; the Bible goes on to say; and when they were come into the ship, the winds ceased.  This meant there was still some walking they had to do to get to the ship.  Jesus didn’t carry Peter to the ship; He just caught Peter by extending His hand to Peter.  Peter than walked WITH JESUS on the water back to the ship and Peter’s storm ended when he was back into what he considered safety, the ship. 

Think about this…Peter WALKED on the same STORMY waters that he used to FEAR!  He was now a man of faith!  When Jesus asked Peter, where is your faith?  Peter thought about it. Did he have more faith that he was going to be destroyed by the storm, than he had in Jesus bringing him through the storm?  Peter than demonstrated his faith by walking on the water with Jesus back to the ship. 


Following God when He calls you will cause you to leave the familiar things and step into a place of uncertainty.  When God calls you, you will have to leave your comfort zone and move into places that you just don’t feel safe at all!  He moves everything you have depended on that wasn’t Him out of your life.  Family will not be there to help you, friends will not be there to help you, finances can’t help you, and everything you have ever depended on will be removed so that you will be able to wholly trust Him. 


God is looking for people that are likeminded to a fisherman, they KNOW they may face rough waters, they KNOW they are going to have to work to achieve their purpose, and they KNOW if they trust in Jesus they will survive any storm! 


These men were being made even before God called them.  Through every storm they faced as fishermen, God used to build up the character of the man that He would use.  God knew where He was going to take them and that it would be full of storms, so He prepared them! 


Look over your life; can you see where God has been preparing you to follow Him when He calls you?  Can you see that through the storms YOU have been through; God has been making it possible for you to follow Him in the storms you will face.  God has placed a call on your life and today is the day He has been preparing you for!  You have come to the same place that the Disciples were when Christ called them.  It is an awesome place to be, you get to give up on the things that were getting you nowhere and be given the thing that will take you somewhere.  Remember, it doesn’t matter what you have or don’t have, Jesus just wants you to follow Him and let Him take care of the rest. 


God knew Peter’s dream, and if you look at Peter’s life you can see he wanted to serve God!  He was a man full of faith and full of zeal!  When Jesus asked who He was; it was Peter’s faith that God used to reveal that Jesus was the Messiah!  God made Peter a promise that if Peter followed Him, that He would be a fisher for men!  Peter understood this to be that God would fulfill the thing that was in his heart!  God would fulfill Peter’s dream, but it could only come to pass by following God. 


What was the dream?  Peter was asked, do you love Me more than them?  Peter said yes, and Jesus told Peter to FEED HIS SHEEP!  Peter’s dream was to be USED by GOD and to care for God’s people!  Peter followed Jesus and God gave Peter everything he would need to FEED HIS SHEEP!  Peter’s heart had to have been filled with joy as he stood on the day of Pentecost and fulfilled his dreams by FEEDING GOD’S SHEEP!!!


Don’t give up on your dreams!  Don’t stop desiring to do great things!  Don’t give up on the promises of God!!!  Don’t give up on those things that seem impossible, for it is those very things that God wants to do for you!  God is saying to you right now; come as you are…Follow Me and I WILL MAKE YOU!!! 


One Response to “Follow ME and I WILL MAKE YOU!!!!”

  1. Pamela Heck said

    Thank you for this message,My desire is to follow the Lord, and to be used of God! I pray I will remember this every time I am faced with a storm in my life! makes me think of the song learning to lean on Jesus, finding more power than I ever dreamed I’m learning to lean on JESUS!

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