Whom Shall I send??? Word from the Lord!

May 27, 2008

Whom shall I send?

A Word from the Lord

27 May 08


Whom shall I send to the aid of Jerusalem?

Whom shall I send?

I sent My prophets they heard not,

I sent My Son and they rejected Him!

whom shall I send?

Who will they believe?

They seek a sign, I gave them the Gospel. They wanted more, I gave them the apostles. 

Oh Jerusalem…Whom shall I send?

What must I do to help you see?

I am the Christ, the one you seek. 

You say blessed is he who prays for thee,

Yet when I sent to you the peace,

You rejected it and said it wasn’t from Me.

Oh Jerusalem will you see?

The answer you have been looking for is really Me!

What will it take for you to believe?

Will you believe before it’s too late?

Jerusalem, Jerusalem tell your watchman to awake!

The coming destruction will be the worst yet!

There is only ONE WAY to be kept,

Pray for the Holy Ghost, you’ll know when He comes.

He will fill you and you will be speaking in other tongues.

Pray for My Holy Ghost

To come,

For it is the peace of New Jerusalem…A free gift,

My only begotten Son.

Jesus Christ.



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